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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I care for my AVID jewelry?

Set aside two bowls: one with warm water mixed with a small amount of Dawn dish soap, the other with water for rinsing. Soak your jewelry in the bowl with warm water for no more than 10 minutes, lightly rubbing your fingers over the jewelry. Do not rub hard or use any abrasives or chemicals. After rinsing with clear water, lightly pat dry with a soft cotton towel. You also can leave your jewelry out to dry overnight.

Do not expose your AVID products to harsh chemicals or environments, as they can alter the appearance of the product. These include but are not limited to – liquid silver polish – pool – hot tubs – salt water – spas – aerosols – cologne/perfume – makeup. Do not sleep with the jewelry.

What gemstones are available?

AVID offers almost every type of faceted gemstone available; from Aquas to Zircons and everything in between.

What customizations are available with your jewelry?

AVID offer many options to customize your jewelry. The variety of gemstones available allows customers the ability to match colored gemstones with that of your favorite team or sport.

It’s also possible to personalize your jewelry with two character engraving, available on select styles. 

However, logos and/or mascots of any school, team, or business are protected by the laws of intellectual property. AVID will not design any jewelry pieces without consent from these institutions.

Is it possible to use my own gemstones?

No. Each design uses a very specific size and diameter, likely limiting the use of a customer’s gemstones.

What level of quality and value do I get for the advertised price?

AVID uses precious metals plated with rhodium (a member of the platinum family) to avoid tarnishing while maintaining the luster of your jewelry for years to come. All gemstones are natural, genuine, and vibrant.

The only way to appreciate the quality is to physically see and hold each piece for yourself. Screen pixels and products descriptions simply don’t tell the story. 

AVID is not the kind of jewelry you see in every store, on every rack, in every stadium, on every fan. It was never intended to be average. With that comes a level of expectation of value and quality from our customers. Bring it on!       

Are your gemstones natural or synthetic?

AVID has designs that feature both natural and genuine gemstones. Natural gemstones are rare with no interference by humans. Genuine gemstones naturally occur in nature and are treated by human intervention to improve their appearance and enhance their color. Most colored gemstones fall into the genuine category. Synthetic gemstones are man made in a controlled environment.

AVID’s Disclosure of Treatments using AGTA Symbols for specific forms of Enhancement – Amethyst (H) – Aquamarine (H) – Diamonds (N) – Tsavorite Garnet (N) – Blue Sapphire (H) – Red Sapphire (U) – Yellow Sapphire (U) – White Sapphire (H) – Black Sapphire (H) – Citrine (H)

Can I get your designs in diamonds and gold?

Yes. Natural diamonds, fancy colored diamonds, and gold or platinum are available upon request.

Does AVID give money to the local community?

Yes. 10% of the profits are given back directly to each school’s various athletic programs.

Does AVID offer ring sizing?

Yes. All rings come as a standard size 7.                                                   

For custom sizing, all High School brand rings are special ordered with a 3-5 week lead time and an order fee of $40 to cover shipping costs.

AVID rings containing gemstones are all sized locally with a 1-2 week lead time at an average cost of $50; give or take.

Does the jewelry come with a warranty?

All jewelry comes with a 30-day warranty against manufacturer defects.

Do you offer refunds or exchanges?

Yes. You have 30 days to return or exchange any unworn jewelry in its original packaging.