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Meet the Designer

Chris Retzlaff G.G. (GIA)

I didn’t choose jewelry design; it chose me. I originally angled for an entirely different profession. There, I met a gentleman who would change my life. He introduced me to diamonds and gemstones, and I was hooked.

Jewelry designing caught me for good on a fishing trip with a close friend. As we cast our lines, I shared my passion for the jewelry industry and my desire to make a splash in it. She turned to me and asked, “You love colored gemstones, and you’re a sports freak. Why not combine these passions into a jewelry business?”

Her question lured me into creating a sports jewelry line for AVID fans.

As a Graduate Gemologist (G.I.A.) and fellow sports fan, I understand the special connection that exists between fans and the players and teams they love.

Whether you’re a proud parent of a student athlete, a loyal college alumni, or a dedicated supporter of your favorite team, AVID offers something special; jewelry in your team’s colors with a luxury twist.

Give your favorite team or player a high five with jewelry pieces that represent the sport and the team. The laces on a football, grooves on a basketball, or the shape of a hockey stick all serve as inspiration for my creations. Make each piece your own with engraved charms and gemstones in your team’s colors or player’s initials.

Owners, coaches and players often say, “It’s all about the fans. Without them, we couldn’t play the game we love.”

The same goes for AVID. Without my fans, I couldn’t do what I love. To every fan who wears my jewelry, thank you. I hope you enjoy wearing my creations as much as I enjoy designing them for you.

All my best,
Chris Retzlaff G.G. (GIA)